Social media marketing for Lincoln Grantham and Newark. When you think of social media you instantly think of facebook or twitter and posting those selfies that make you look attractive or photos of you last meal. Social media marketing or more specifically social media advertising is an amazingly powerful way to connect to your customers.


Why Use Social Media Marketing

The main reason is targeting. You can target people who are interested in your products. Your adverts will only be shown to people who are likely to buy your products. If you’re selling mens shavers you can exclude your advert being shown to women.

social media marketing lincoln grantham newark

The ability to target users by interests, demographic or behavior is a game changer in the world of marketing but at the same time nothing new. In times gone parst you may have run an advert in a specialist magazine because as an advertiser you knew that this demographic would be more interested in your products or services

Is Social Advertising For Everyone

Social media marketing is most definitely not for all businesses because of the nature of social it can be relatively cold traffic in that sense it might not make commercial sense but don’t let that put you off talk to Freshly Brewed about what you want to achieve and we will give you a straight answer weather social can work for you.

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